This guide will reveal your ultimate workout plan at gym

New York City’s fitness coach says the way you structure your workout routine is very important

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Ever found yourself at the gym, standing at the crossroads of cardio and weightlifting, wondering which path to tread first? 

The experts have presented their two cents to unravel the mystery of the ideal order for your exercise routine to propel you toward your fitness zenith.

Claudette Sariya, a seasoned fitness coach based in NYC, highlights the pivotal role of workout structure. “The way you structure your workout is very important,” she articulates, highlighting its profound impact on the ultimate fitness outcome aligned with your goals.

Meeting the Department of Health and Human Services’ recommendation of 150 minutes of moderate physical activity per week alongside muscle-strengthening sessions poses a time-management challenge. 

The question arises: Should you intertwine cardio and strength training within the same day? 

Sariya issues a stark warning, underscoring the necessity of a meticulous warm-up. “You should always start with a light warmup to get the blood and oxygen flowing to your muscles,” she advises, stressing the mimicry of workout movements during warm-ups.

When the spotlight shifts to the main act, the consensus among experts is to initiate your routine with weight training, paving the way for a subsequent cardio session. 

Danny King, a certified personal trainer at Life Time health clubs, delves into the science behind this strategy. Weightlifting draws on muscle glycogen as its primary fuel source, and commencing with cardio depletes this energy reserve, rendering weightlifting more arduous.

Sariya elucidates that a bout of intense cardio before weight training can prematurely fatigue muscles, compromising the ability to lift heavy or complete sufficient reps. The sequence of workouts, King emphasises, should align with your fitness goals, with the first activity dictating energy consumption and time allocation.

Whether you’re sculpting muscles or preparing for a marathon, the order matters. However, Elle Wermuth, a Barry’s instructor, introduces a refreshing perspective for those pursuing holistic well-being. “Any movement is beneficial for your mind and body…the more you enjoy any workout, the more you’ll get out of it,” she suggests, encouraging adherence to what fuels personal motivation.

In the labyrinth of fitness choices, the key is to discover what resonates with your unique narrative. 

So, when you are contemplating the question of cardio or weights first, you should remember that the answer lies within your fitness journey. 

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