‘The Last of Us Part II’ Remastered For PS5: 4K, Pricing, Availability

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While the year is still very young, there has yet to be a big game released in 2024. However, Naughty Dog and Sony Interactive Entertainment drops a new 4K remaster of “The Last of Us, Part II” for the PlayStation 5 to tide gamers over in January.

“The Last of Us, Part II” Remastered — which goes for $49.94 at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Target — features the same gameplay as the original version, but with enhanced graphics and audio for the next generation of gaming. It also has a new mode called “No Return, A Roguelike Survival Mode” that deepens combat and adventure with new paths and options for a different experience on the PS5.

Naughty Dog/ Sony Interactive Entertainment

When it was originally released in June 2020 for the PS4, “The Last of Us, Part II” received nearly universal acclaim scoring a 93 on Metacritic as a story continuation of the first game, which was released in 2013. Although a small minority of people didn’t like the new direction of the sequel, most critics and gamers enjoyed the new story and adventure, while developing and deepening the existing characters and world.

In fact, Variety editor Katcy Stephan gave the new remaster a rave review writing, “Just minutes into playing, it becomes clear exactly why the remaster is the definitive version of this game. Playing in fidelity mode on PS5, which features native 4K performance, I gasped at the opening shot of Joel’s weathered hands on his guitar. A new level of staggering detail is present in every one of his wrinkles and callouses as he wrestles with the neck of his instrument.”

In addition, if you’d like to experience a new remaster of the first game for PS5, “The Last of Us, Part I” is on sale for $39.97, or nearly 45% off, at Walmart.

Available for $49.94 at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Target, “The Last of Us, Part II” is out now. In the meantime, you can watch a featured trailer, below.

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