Pregnant Swiftie shares sonogram of her unborn baby imitating Taylor Swift

A pregnant Swiftie received a sign from her unborn daughter.

Marie Smith, who is expecting a girl, was at her 13-week ultrasound when she saw something on the screen that made her gasp. Her fetus was making a heart with her hands above her head, just like Taylor Swift does on stage. 

For a moment, Smith wondered if her mind was playing tricks on her. Then the technician confirmed what she was looking at.

Blakelynn making heart hands, just like Taylor Swift does at her concerts. Courtesy Marie Smith

“She goes, ‘Do you see what the baby’s doing? She’s making those heart hands,’” Smith, 27, tells TODAY.com. “And I was like, ‘Oh my God — this is incredible. I am the biggest Taylor Swift fan.’”

“In middle school, my ring tone was ‘Our Song,’” she adds. 

The sonogram, which went viral after Smith shared it on TikTok, will hang in the baby’s Swift-themed nursery. The mom is also having a wooden sign built that says, “Enchanted to Meet You.”

Smith and her fiancé, Frederick, will welcome daughter Blakelynn in October. (Yes, she’ll be listening to Swift’s music in the delivery room!) The couple are already parents of 17-month-old son, Nashton. Both of their children’s names are subtle nods to Swift.

“We call Nashton ‘Nash,’ and Taylor got her start in Nashville,” Smith explains. As for Blakelynn, Smith notes that Swift and actor Blake Lively are best friends.

Swiftie Sonogram
Marie Smith and her fiancé, Frederick, are expecting their second child in October. Courtesy Madisyn Jones

“Some people have asked me, ‘Why not name her Taylor?’ but when you grow up with a name like Marie Smith, you want to give your kid something different,” she explains.

Last summer, Smith, a talent acquisition coordinator in Baltimore, Maryland, attended The Eras Tour with her young cousin.

“I work a second job as a server at a crab house, and I picked up so many extra shifts and saved every penny I got so that I could take us,” Smith says. “It was so worth it. I mean, it was the best thing ever.” 

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