Pakistan beat Thailand in AVC Challenge Cup


Pakistan continued their impressive run in the AVC Challenge Cup 2024 by defeating Thailand in their second match of the Preliminary Round at Bahrain.

According to details, the Pakistan volleyball team showcased exceptional skill and teamwork to secure a 3-0 victory, with set points of 25-22, 25-14, and 25-21.

This victory not only highlights Pakistan’s dominance on the court but also qualifies them for the Quarterfinal Round, set to take place on June 6.

Key players delivered outstanding performances in Pakistan match against Kazakhstan match.

Murad Khan was exceptional, scoring an impressive 45 points. Murad Jehan also played a crucial role with 20 points, while Musawer Khan contributed significantly with 30 points. Their efforts were instrumental in securing this important victory.

Under the expert guidance of Argentine Head Coach Ruben Wolochin, the team has displayed remarkable performance. The coaching staff, including Brazilian Physical Trainer Lucas Rodrigues, Assistant Coach Muhammad Ismail Khan, and Analyst Juan Cobucci, have played a crucial role in preparing the team for these high-stakes matches.

Sardar Muhammad Nawaz, the Manager of the team, along with Deputy Manager Mazhar Fareed, have been instrumental in ensuring smooth operations and providing unwavering

support to the players.

The Pakistan Volleyball Federation (PVF) was proud of the team’s accomplishments so far and

remains hopeful for continued success in the upcoming rounds of the AVC Challenge Cup.

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