Jason Kelce steals show at Chiefs-Bills playoff game in Buffalo

For the first time in months, Taylor Swift wasn’t the biggest star in the stands at a Kansas City Chiefs game. This week, it was Jason Kelce.

Coming off a playoff loss last weekend with the Philadelphia Eagles — for whom he plays center — and a week of rumors about his possible retirement, Jason Kelce spent his first weekend off cheering on his younger brother, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, in Buffalo.

With just three minutes left in the first half, Travis Kelce made it into the end zone for his first touchdown of the game.

After he chucked the football into the stands, he blew a kiss and made a heart with his hands, appearing to signal that the TD was scored for his girlfriend, Swift, who was watching in a box from above.

Swift promptly celebrated her beau’s success with others in her suite.

Seconds later, in true older brother fashion, Jason Kelce wildly celebrated his little brother’s TD.

Despite below-freezing temperatures and even colder wind chills at Highmark Stadium, Jason Kelce ripped his shirt off to celebrate the scoring drive.

As if that wasn’t enough, the elder Kelce brother proceeded to pound a beer and jump into the crowd below him, where he was met with boos by Bills fans before he hopped back up into the suite.

Both moments went viral almost immediately.

Throughout the game, the camera panned to the star-studded suite, which also featured Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce, and Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes.

After yet another Travis Kelce touchdown at the start of the third, Swift and newfound bestie Brittany Mahomes grabbed each other, jumping with glee at a Chiefs lead.

Though his celebrations weren’t so welcome during the game, Jason Kelce clearly knew how to make the Bills mafia fall in love with him before the game, appearing at a Buffalo tailgate prior to kickoff.

The only guy in red amid a sea of Bills blue, he appeared to take a drink prepared by a fan and gave high fives as roars erupted around him.

Also before the game, a young Bills fan got the thrill of a lifetime when Swift laid eyes on his version of the “distracted boyfriend” meme as she entered Highmark Stadium.

His drawing of the meme featured Swift in the spotlight, walking next to Travis Kelce, as she looked back over her shoulder toward Bills quarterback Josh Allen.

Ultimately, the Chiefs were victorious, beating Buffalo, 27-24. They will face the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC championship game next week in Baltimore.

Could it have been Jason Kelce’s shirtless celebrations that spurred Kansas City to victory? If so, Chiefs fans can only hope he reprises his madman role off the field next week.

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