Intruder Arrested at Drake’s Home After Attempted Entry

A day after an unidentified assailant shot a security guard at Drake’s Toronto home, an intruder has been arrested for trying to gain access to the property, located in Bridle Path.

Toronto police have confirmed that they returned to the rapper’s house around 2 p.m. on Wednesday (May 8) to arrest the intruder. “Officers were called after a person attempted to gain access to the property,” a police spokesperson told Toronto’s CityNews. “The person was apprehended under the Mental Health Act.”

The latest incident at Drake’s sprawling mansion comes after police arrived in the early hours on Tuesday morning. Shooters in an unidentified vehicle fired shots at its entrance in a drive-by, and the security guard was rushed to the hospital for serious yet non-life-threatening injuries. He remains hospitalized.

Police shared that it’s too early to tell if the shooting was linked to the ongoing beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar, which has ramped over the past few weeks. On the cover of Lamar’s “Not Like Us,” which he dropped on Saturday, he featured an image of Drake’s home as shown on Google Maps.

The beef between Lamar and Drake has been at the forefront of pop culture since Lamar dropped a verse on Future and Metro Boomin’s “Like That” in March. What started as a war of words between Lamar and Drake quickly devolved into something more sinister, with each airing the other’s dirty laundry in public and taking vicious potshots. The latest entry in the beef came on Sunday night, when Drake put out “The Heart Pt. 6.”

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