Hrithik Roshan to Present ‘Pushtaini,’ Vinod Rawat’s Directorial Debut

Bollywood star Hrithik Roshan has boarded his acting coach Vinod Rawat‘s feature directorial debut “Pushtaini” (“Ancestral”) as a presenter.

Rawat, who previously directed Season 1 of Disney+ Hotstar’s Emmy-nominated series “Aarya” alongside Ram Madhvani, has served as Roshan’s acting coach since “Kaabil” (2017).

In “Pushtaini,” Rawat stars as Bhuppi, a struggling actor who is desperate to secure his last chance at stardom after he finds himself caught in an embarrassing scandal. Forced to return to his home and face his past, Bhuppi travels through the mountains and shares adventures with strangers, unaware of what the journey has in store for him.

The film features a cameo by Rajkummar Rao. It is written by Rawat and co-written by Rita Heer, who also plays a prominent character in the film. Additionally, the film features non-professional actors, including Rawat’s own family members.

“Pushtaini” debuted at the 2023 Mumbai Film Festival. It is produced by Lotus Dust Pictures and Rawat’s VinRaw Films. It will be theatrically released across India on June 21 by Shiladitya Bora’s Platoon Distribution, known for releasing indies such as Rohena Gera’s Cannes title “Sir,” Chaitanya Tamhane’s Venice winner “Court” and Anamika Haksar’s Sundance-debuting “Ghode Ko Jalebi Khilane Le Jaa Riya Hoon.”

“Vinod Rawat’s ‘Pushtaini’ left me completely awestruck,” Roshan said. “Vinod was not only exceptional as an actor, playing Bhuppi with all his heart, but also displayed an incredible command over the craft as a director. I was bowled over by how he wore all the hats and delivered a film full of moments that stayed with me long after the screen faded to black. I am proud of the leap Vinod has taken and excited to present his debut to a wider audience. This is for the team. This is for all who dream, for the ones who overcome their fears and strive to deliver with honesty.”

Rawat added: “All a debut filmmaker needs is a leap of faith and a gentle whisper of your close friends. To then have the support of Hrithik, who I have known and admired immensely over the years, is a big moment for me. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him. And now to re-team, but in a different capacity, is exciting.  After a hugely successful premiere at the Mumbai Film Festival, I am thrilled that ‘Pushtaini’ will finally be out for the world to see.”

“I’m also thankful to Rajkummar Rao, who believed in my creative vision and hence also agreed to support ‘Pushtaini’ with an extremely special cameo. It is a deeply personal film, shot in my ancestral village in Uttarakhand, which explores several sensitive themes like a father-son relationship, the challenges of migration and an aspiring actor’s navigation through the complexities of his journey.”

Watch the trailer here:

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