Her Club Female Collective, TV Show to Launch at Cannes

Woman-focused streamer Herflix, the Female Film Club, female empowerment community Yes She Cannes and French management and production company Sisterland have teamed to launch female collective Her Club Cannes.

Attended by some 250 invited film professionals, the event aims to highlight the power and importance of women in film. The event will be turned into a TV show, consisting of red carpet interviews and talks during the evening, in addition to behind the scenes clips of the event. This show will stream on Herflix.

Partners and sponsors include BondIt, Buffalo 8, Imgn.Ai, Design essentials, United Voices 4 Peace, AK Production Pro, Winston Baker, TVE Global, Sustainability Awards and African American Women in Cinema.

Adriana Shaw, founder and president of Herflix, said: “We’ll reach over 152 countries as we work together to amplify Her Story. Since Cannes, 2023, we have experienced the SheEconomy (“Barbie,” Taylor Swift, “Anatomy of a Fall,” “Past Lives”), which has given us optimism, but with this Live Stream reach, we hope to inspire women globally – both in front and behind the camera – to push the barriers to create diverse and inspiring movies. I remember a time at Cannes when it was difficult to sell a film with a woman in the lead and so I am grateful that women are inching up to parity with men in the film business. It’s happening, but still Her Club Cannes is essential for men and women to raise awareness.”

Liza van der Smissen and Nicole Lieberman, co-founders of the Female Film Club, added: “With Her Club Cannes we showcase to the world – look what happens when women all work together towards a common goal, when men gather around and support us. There is a lot of brilliance in the industry and through the Female Film Club we have seen the changes that happen when knowledge and resources are shared. Bringing partners and collaborators from all over the world together, live, in Cannes, we look forward to the impact this evening will have on the industry.”

Faith Elizabeth, British filmmaker and founder of Yes She Cannes, said: “In a world where women are often pitted against each other, we are driving the message that unity strengthens success.”

Sandra Rudich, CEO of Sisterland, added: “Only 1% of the world’s annual financing funds are allocated to startups led by women. We all need to be an accelerator of change, by financing women and reshape representations of the world.”

Her Club Cannes will launch at Villa Forbes on May 20 during the Cannes Film Festival.

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