Dropout’s ‘Game Changer’ Cast Talks CollegeHumor Rebrand, Season 6

The cast of contestants and comedians from the sixth season of “Game Changer” can best be described as reminiscent of the old stop-motion holiday special, where the titular reindeer meets a group of outcasts on the Island of Misfit Toys. This diverse and eclectic group embodies a modern, inclusive ethos that starkly contrasts the early days of CollegeHumor.

Sam Reich, CEO of Dropout and host of “Game Changer,” reflects on the company’s evolution from its early days of College Humor before rebranding as a standalone, ad-free subscription service. “You saw a gigantic sea of white men,” Reich notes, highlighting the transformation to a more diverse and representative ensemble. “We get a lot of credit for stuff that happened organically.”

Today, Dropout’s vast array of content is lauded for reflecting the world’s true diversity. Throughout the game show’s sixth season, viewers find a spectrum of ethnicities, creeds, sexual orientations, and genders represented.

In addition to Reich, seven of this season’s cast members—Ally Beardsley, Raphael Chestang, Katie Marovitch, Vic Michaelis, Oscar Montoya, Brennan Lee Mulligan, and Jacob Wysocki—sat down with Variety for an afternoon at the Dropout studio. The interview was followed by a game mimicking the unpredictable rules of the show, which even the cast members did not know.

CollegeHumor launched its streaming service Dropout in Sept. 2018, knowing traditional advertisers and streamers wouldn’t support the content they aspired to create, so they “dropped out.” In late 2019, Barry Diller’s IAC planned to sell the business, deeming it no longer suitable for their broader strategy. By January 2020, after failing to find a suitable buyer, they sold the business to Reich, then Chief Creative Officer of CollegeHumor. Unfortunately, this transition resulted in over 100 employees being laid off, with just seven remaining, including Brennan Lee Mulligan, the creator of “Dimension 20.”

The pandemic hit shortly after. While most productions halted, Dropout continued to deliver content to its growing fanbase by creating virtual shows and digital content. The company’s subscriber base now stands in the mid-high six figures, reflecting steady growth.

Reich truly differs from CEOs in the media business because he shares his success with everyone. In 2023, Dropout introduced profit-sharing, benefiting anyone who earned even $1 with the company throughout the year. The company even pays for actors to audition for any of its shows. Dropout now operates with around 20 full-time employees, supplemented by numerous contracted creatives who help bring its diverse array of shows to life.

The show has been submitted for Emmy consideration, including Outstanding Game Show.

Read about some of the best moments from Variety’s interview with the cast and creators below.

Part 1 of the Season 6 “Game Changer” finale is now available on Dropout.

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