Australian doctor claims he’s cancer-free after trying his own experimental therapy

Dr Richard Scolyer’s cancer immunotherapy kept him cancer-free for one year but there’s still long way to go

Richard Scolyer and his research partner ‘not there yet’ their cancer-treatement. — X/@ProfRScolyerMIA

Professor Richard Scolyer, an Australian doctor, recently revealed that he remains brain cancer-free a year after undergoing a world-first treatment based on his own research.

With the help of his research melanoma to treat his incurable stage 4 glioblastoma, the 57-year-old treated his brain tumour following his diagnosis in June 2023.

Earlier this week, he shared an update on X, writing: “I had brain #MRI scan last Thursday looking for recurrent #glioblastoma (and/or treatment complications). I found out yesterday that there is still no sign of recurrence. I couldn’t be happier!!!!!”

Cancer immunotherapy uses the power of the body’s own immune system to prevent, control, and eliminate cancer, according to the Cancer Research Institute.

Scolyer was named the 2024 Australian of the Year for his life-saving research with Melanoma Institute Australia co-medical director Georgina Long.

After initially suffering from epileptic seizures, liver issues and pneumonia in the first couple of months of treatment, Scolyer is now feeling “the best” and is back to exercising daily.

However, his research partner Long insisted that they’re “not there yet” when it comes to developing an approved and regulated course of treatment.

“What we have to really focus on is showing that this pre-surgery, combination immunotherapy type of approach works in a large number of people,” Long said.

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