Attacks in Iraq and Syria raise tensions for a region on edge

Israeli navy, air force, ground troops continue operations across Gaza as death toll soars

The Israeli military continued its land, sea and air operation in Gaza Saturday and into Sunday across both the north and south of the Gaza strip, the IDF said in a statement today.

In Tuffah in the northern Gaza Strip, ground forces killed 15 people the IDF identified as “terrorists,” and conducted raids on “Hamas structures.” In Khan Younis, snipers assisted by Israel’s air force killed more people, and that they had “located large quantities of weapons inside a Hamas structure.”

Naval forces were assisting troops on the ground with observation and in strikes, the IDF added.

Earlier this month the IDF laid out plans for a more “targeted” phase of the war, but the death toll in Gaza has not abated.

Nearly 180 people were estimated to have been killed within the last 24 hours, sending Gaza’s death toll past 25,000, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health.

No injuries after 2 British warships collide in a Middle East port

LONDON — Two British warships collided in a harbor in Bahrain, causing damage to the vessels but no injuries, the Royal Navy said.

The HMS Chiddingfold appeared to reverse into the HMS Bangor as it was at a dock, according to video posted on social media.

“Why this happened is still to be established,” said Rear Adm. Edward Ahlgren. “We train our people to the highest standards and rigorously enforce machinery safety standards, but unfortunately incidents of this nature can still happen.”

Ahlgren said an investigation is under way into what went wrong.

The two minehunters have been based in the Middle East to help protect merchant vessels.

The British military last week joined the U.S. in bombing more than a dozen sites used by the Iranian-backed Houthis in Yemen, whose relentless attacks on cargo vessels and warships in the Red Sea have disrupted global shipping.

Some U.S. personnel evaluated for brain injury after Iraqi base attacked

A number of U.S. personnel were evaluated for possible traumatic brain injury following a missile and rocket attack on a military base in western Iraq, U.S. Central Command said in a statement Saturday.

The attack was reported at 6:30 p.m. local time at Al-Assad Airbase, where some American personnel are based, according to a statement from U.S. Central Command. The exact conditions of those affected were unavailable; at least one Iraqi service member was injured, Central Command said.

U.S. coalition and Iraqi partners were trying to verify reports of several minor injuries among U.S. personnel and one seriously injured Iraqi Security Force personnel, three defense officials said.

Iraqi military officials said the headquarters of the country’s 29th Brigade, 7th Division were damaged in the attack.

Central Command blamed Iranian-backed militants for the attack that included multiple ballistic missiles and rockets. “Most of the missiles were intercepted by the base’s air defense systems while others impacted on the base,” Central Command said.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq claimed credit for the attack, saying the munitions were launched “in continuation of our approach to resist the American occupation forces in Iraq and the region, and in response to the Zionist entity’s massacres against our people in Gaza.”

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