Assault allegations surface in Women’s Cricket Championship, players suspended

During the ongoing National Women’s Cup in Rawalpindi, an unpleasant incident that occurred a few days ago in a hotel has now been revealed. 

Apparently, women cricketers Sadaf Shams and Yusra Amir together assaulted Ayesha Bilal, causing her nose to bleed, but she remained silent at the time. Surprisingly, no other player mentioned this incident to management either. 

Two days later, Ayesha Bilal lodged a complaint against Sadaf Shams and Yusra Amir and immediately all three were stopped from participating in the match. 

According to sources, Women’s Wing Chairperson Tania Malik took notice of the matter, and a reconciliation was also reached. Yesterday, a video released on social media by PCB showed national team captain Nida Dar sitting with Sadaf Shams, Yusra Amir, and Ayesha Bilal, talking together. 

The three players continued to praise the performance of players who performed well in the tournament in the presence of their senior. They especially appreciated the performance of century-maker Ayesha Zafar. 

On the other hand, sources have revealed that details of the dispute have been obtained, and a decision will be made in the light of statements of the team manager and fellow cricketers so that such incidents can be prevented in the future.