British HC discusses investments with delegation after PFL launch

Pakistan Football League (PFL) delegation meets British High Commissioner Jane Marriott. — Reporter

LONDON: A Pakistan Football League (PFL) delegation met British High Commissioner Jane Marriott and discussed the colourful inauguration of the PFL in Lahore on June 4 and the potential of a huge investment in Pakistan.

The high commissioner met the players and expressed her pleasure, noting that the investment from the United Kingdom was a positive sign for promoting healthy activities among Pakistani youth.

The delegation that met the British diplomat included PFL Chairman Farhan Junejo, celebrity former footballers Michael Owen, Emile Hessky, Alison Bender and Mike Fernan and others.

She explained that this initiative would play a vital role in the development of children and football in Pakistan and offered her full support to make it success. The British high commissioner also praised the organisers and promoters of Pakistan Football League.

PFL Chairman Farhan Junejo of PFL UK Holdings and organiser of PFL said that Portugal’s national football club SL Benfica had announced partnership with the PFL Pearl Project to develop professional football and boost the sports economy in Pakistan.

SL Benfica, as the official partner of PFL, a pioneering initiative to develop professional football in Pakistan and stimulate the country’s football economy, will impart technical expertise to coaches and players, significantly advancing football in the region. With support from government officials, this initiative aims to inspire a new generation of footballers and fans in the region.

She was briefed on how the UK business initiative is supporting Pakistan and its children, along with the investments being made in the country.

PFL Chairman Junejo remarked that Pakistan had warmly embraced the football professionals, demonstrating the potential of football and the global interest in Pakistani football.

The league’s first professional kick-off will significantly impact the lives of many young aspiring children.

By distributing 100,000 footballs across Pakistan, “I aim to ensure that every child who wants to play football has a ball.”

The PFL aims to be the driving force in nurturing the next generation of future football stars. Deals have been signed with a club in Portugal to send 100 children to Lisbon each year to train with top professionals. The vision is for Pakistani youth to travel abroad safely and comfortably, rather than through dangerous routes.

Junejo mentioned that football professionals visited several cities in Pakistan and held discussions with senior military and political leaders about promoting football in the country.

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