Olivia Dunne trends as boyfriend Paul Skenes rocks MLB debut

Former LSU gymnast steals spotlight at Pittsburgh Pirates face-off with Chicago Cubs

Olivia Dunne attends boyfriend Paul Skenes’ MLB debut decked in Pittsburgh Pirates merch. — Reuters/File

Gymnast and social media star Olivia Dunne’s boyfriend Paul Skenes made a successful Major League Baseball (MLB) debut on Saturday as the Pittsburgh Pirates defeated Chicago Cubs.

However, despite Skenes’ extra-ordinary performance, it was the former Louisiana State University (LSU) gymnast who went viral.

The National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) rising star was trending after she was spotted decked in Skenes and the Pirates’ merchandise, as she spoke to the media persons about her beau.

Dunne said: “I have so many amazing memories with him, but I know how hard he’s worked for this moment.

“All the hours, I just know what a hard worker he is. This is probably one of my favourite moments I’ve ever seen. Seriously, there is nothing that can top this. I’m just so proud.”

Dunne and Skenes, both 21, had rushed to Pittsburgh as soon as they were informed that the rookie baseball player was in the MLB.

She revealed that the couple was taking a nap together when they woke up to several missed calls to the big news.

Olivia Dunne, Paul Skenes rushed to Pittsburgh after surprise call-up by the MLB. — X/@sportingnews

“That’s the quickest I’ve ever packed in my life. We just woke up from a nap. He had a few missed calls, and he got called up. And he just said, ‘Let’s pack,’ and we hit the road. It was so exciting,” she said.

Skenes mowed down the competition at Triple-A with a 0.99 ERA over his first seven starts. He gave up just 17 hits while consistently clocking in at over 100 mph. He struck out 45 batters while walking eight.

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