49ers legend Jerry Rice’s hilarious response to Travis Kelce breaking his record

Travis Kelce brought his career total to 154 in 21 games while Rice caught 151 passes in 29 playoff games in his career

This combination of images shows former San Fransisco wide receiver Jerry Rice (left) and Kansas City Chie tight end Travis Kelce. — AFP

Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on Sunday surpassed former San Francisco 49er wide receiver Jerry Rice’s for the most receptions in the postseason in National Football League (NFL) history.

However, the Niners legend seemed unbothered with losing his top spot when asked about Kelce potentially breaking his record, earlier this week, SFGate reported.

Bringing his career total to 154 in 21 games, after winning the American Football Conference (AFC) title against the Baltimore Ravens, Kelce snatched the title from Rice, who caught 151 passes in 29 playoff games in his career.

Earlier this week, during an interview with a Bay Area sports radio station, Rice was asked about Kelce nearing his record, as well as Christian McCaffrey nearly topping his record for most touchdowns by a Niner in a single season.

McCaffrey ended up with 21 touchdowns this season, falling just short of Rice’s 23-touchdown season in 1987.

Rice said that he “was going to be the first to congratulate” McCaffrey and said he would do the same with Kelce. Then, Rice responded to some apparent social media scorn.

“I go on social media and saw, ‘Jerry Rice is going to go complain about 17 football games or whatever and having so many opportunities in the playoffs on just little short routes and all that stuff,'” Rice said.

“It doesn’t matter to me, baby. It’s OK. I’ve got plenty of records. You can’t break them all. You can’t break them all, baby. I’ll throw you a bone, I’ll throw you one or two. I’ll throw you a couple.”

49ers legend Jerry Rice’s hilarious response to Travis Kelce breaking his record. — YouTube

Rice, the No 80, is the career leader in receptions, receiving yards, touchdowns, overall touchdowns, and yards from scrimmage, just to name a few.

He also holds the playoff touchdown record (22), although Kelce caught his 19th on Sunday.

His numerous records make him a formidable opponent.

Rice had one final quip in the segment about the record, too: “I retired in 2005. Guess who they still talking about?”

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