Woman shot dead outside school in Cape Town

Strand Community Policing Forum say the shooting occurred during a robbery.

Police have launched an investigation after a woman was shot dead outside a school in Strand, Cape Town.

The shooting incident took place on Tuesday afternoon.

A video shared on social media shows the 58-year-old woman’s body lying next to the school fence covered with a thermal blanket. 

Police confirmed to The Citizen that the murder is under investigation. 

“Strand police registered a murder following a shooting incident on 14 November at about 12:25 along an open field next to a secondary school in Strand, where a 58-year-old woman was shot and fatally wounded. 

“Circumstances surrounding this shooting incident are under investigation. The motive for this fatal incident is currently unknown as nothing was taken from her,” Western Cape police spokesperson Captain FC van Wyk said in a brief statement.

Video of the 58-year-old woman that was shot in Strand on 14 November.

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CPF says personal items were stolen

Strand’s community policing forum (CPF), however, told News24 that the woman’s personal belongings were stolen

According to Strand CPF spokesperson Niklaas Thysen, the victim was shot as she attempted to fend off her killer.

Thysen added that the area where the woman was murdered had become a hotspot for robberies. 

“The CPF has seen a huge increase in robberies occurring there at any time of the day. We have cautioned residents to be on the lookout and be cautious when walking on that stretch of the area because we have received numerous incidents of people – women especially – being robbed,” Thysen told the publication.

Man shot execution style

Meanwhile, the police in Mpumalanga have launched a murder investigation after a man was killed execution-style at a filling station.

The incident took place at an Engen garage in Ermelo on Sunday.

The CCTV footage of the shooting has since been widely circulated on social media.

The video shows the victim, identified as Smangaliso Innocent Nkosi, talking to his friends refuelling their vehicle at a fuel station when a man approaches the group and shoots Nkosi in the head.

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The suspect fired multiple shots at the 25-year-old victim after he collapsed to the ground.

The man then collected several spent cartridges from the scene before he walked off.

According to the police, the suspect is known to the group.

Additional reporting  Molefe Seeletsa

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