Fires, heatwaves and more… What to expect on 31 Aug

South Africa is in for another day of weather extremes – from perilous fire conditions to sweltering heatwaves.

The South African Weather Service (Saws), in its most recent advisory, warns of extremely high fire conditions and a continuation of the recent warm weather.

Here’s your guide to Thursday’s weather conditions across South Africa – covering fire risks, heatwaves, and everything in between.

Weather warnings: 31 August

While no impact-based weather warnings have been issued, there are multiple advisories in place that should not be ignored.

Fire alerts

Saws warns of extremely hazardous fire conditions across several regions, including:

  • Beaufort West Municipality in the Western Cape,
  • the eastern regions of the Northern Cape, and
  • the majority of the Eastern Cape.

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Heatwaves and soaring temps

Several municipalities in the Eastern Cape – including Amathole, Sundays River, and Buffalo City Districts – are set to experience an unrelenting heatwave.

Soaring high temperatures will persist throughout the day.

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Regional weather forecast

Here’s what to expect in your province on Thursday, 31 August.


The day is expected to be clear and cool, although it will be warmer in the northern regions.

The UVB sunburn index is ‘very high.’


Generally clear skies with temperatures ranging from cool to warm, but heating up in certain areas of the Lowveld.


Anticipate a clear and warm day.

North West:

Overall, a fine and cool-to-warm day is predicted.

Free State:

The forecast promises cool to warm conditions under clear skies.

Northern Cape:

A chill is expected over the extreme western areas, while the rest of the region should remain fine and cool to warm.

The coastal areas may experience morning fog and isolated showers, while the eastern regions of the province has been warned of high fire risks.

Western Cape:

The north-eastern regions will be warm and clear, while other areas will experience varying degrees of cloudiness and rain, especially over the extreme southwestern parts.

Coastal winds will shift during the day. High fire risks will be present in the Beaufort West district.

Eastern Cape:

Both the western and eastern halves will experience warm temperatures, with several municipaties warned of an unrelenting heatwave.

The western parts of the province may see some showers and rain in the evening. Winds will be particularly strong along the coast.

Fire alerts have been issued for the majority of the Eastern Cape.


The day will be fine and warm, with a moderate to fresh northeasterly wind along the coast.

The UVB sunburn index is ‘extreme.’

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