Palesa Madisakwane dragged for burning her ancestral cloth on camera

Former Generations actress Palesa Madisakwane set tongues wagging on social media after publicly dumping her ancestral beliefs.

In the viral video, Palesa is seen cutting and burning her ancestral cloth, “denouncing the spirit of Masangoma”, as she says in her prayer.

The fabric is usually worn by people who have accepted their ancestral calling. However, other people also use it to connect with their ancestors.

In the comments section, netizens said Palesa should have burned the cloth privately, while others said she was disrespecting other people’s beliefs.

One comment read: “How I wish you did this privately. This is an insult to many who have a right to believe in whatever they believe in. You can imagine how you would feel if someone would publicly burn the Bible. Let’s learn to respect people’s beliefs bethuna. You are a respected public figure, my love. Let’s be tolerant of each other.”

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‘I do not serve the God of the dead’

In another video, Palesa spoke about serving the living God and the power in Jesus’ name.

“I serve the God of the living. I do not serve the God of the dead. Jesus Christ is risen and seated on the Father’s right hand and reigns forever more. My God lives. My God is not dead. There is power in the name of Jesus Christ. You shall live and shall not die.”

A few weeks ago, another Generations star, Thabiso Mokhethi announced that he had quit his ancestral calling.

“I have taken the decision that I am resigning from being a sangoma. I am resigning from the bonds that I allowed myself to enter into when I was seeking healing spiritually, emotionally, physically… Will no longer serve as a sangoma, and this is my form of public resignation,” he said.

The TV star said he became a sangoma out of fear after losing his loved ones, his parents, wife, and brother.

“I had already lost so much and did not want to lose my children and I do not want you to lose me. I felt I had nothing else to lose, and that is when I started my journey to be initiated as a sangoma,” he added.

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