‘Terrifier’ Team Reunites for Gory Slasher

Terrifier” fans rejoice: A new film from the series’ twisted creative team is headed to theaters next month.

Stream” reunites the producers, director and star of the “Terrifier” films for a new slasher, releasing on Aug. 21. Written, directed and produced by Michael Leavy, the film follows a family trying to survive after their hotel is overtaken by murderers who are competing to be the most creative killer.

The film stars David Howard Thornton, who plays Art the Clown in the “Terrifier” films, as well as horror heavyweights Jeffrey Combs (“Re-Animator”), Danielle Harris (“Halloween 4”) and Tony Todd (“Candyman”). “Terrifier” series director Damien Leone handles the practical gore FX in “Stream.”

Steven Della Salla, Leavy and Jason Leavy are producing the film from Fuzz on the Lens Productions. Naresh Peter Menezes is the executive producer, with co-producers Leone, Phil Falcone, Marcus Slabine, George Steuber, Jamie Root and George and Craig Loydgren.

“’Stream’ is a modernized slasher made by horror fans for horror fans and we are extremely excited and honored to be bringing this movie to the big screen for audiences to enjoy together,” Leavy said in a statement. “We have an incredible cast of genre greats who deliver stellar performances, and of course having ‘Terrifier’s’ Damien Leone and Phil Falcone heading the gore FX we made sure we delivered the goods for our incredible fanbase, but something we are most proud of is its story and arching character development. We have no studio backing, so to put this release in the hands of our fans is something that truly excites us! They came out in droves for ‘Terrifier 2’ and that was so important for its success. So hopefully they will do it again for ‘Stream.’ This way we can show the studios why indie horror is so important for the genre in paving the way for creating new, fresh and original content that we all crave so much nowadays.”

Presale tickets to “Stream” are now available through this link. Watch the trailer and see the poster below.

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