Luck often tilts in Pakistan’s favour, says Kaif

Former Indian cricketer Mohammad Kaif has offered frank insights into Pakistan’s T20 World Cup 2024 journey, suggesting that luck has often favoured their qualification into major rounds, despite inconsistent performances.

Talking to Indian media, Kaif emphasised the importance of match between the USA and Ireland today, stating that an Irish victory would enhance Pakistan’s chances of advancement.

After losses to the USA and India, Pakistan secured a vital win against Canada, setting the stage for a crucial clash against Ireland on June 16 where they must secure victory with a strong net run rate.

Kaif highlighted Pakistan’s knack for benefiting from luck, noting instances where they secure qualification despite poor performances. He pointed out that while they may not excel, luck often tilts in their favour. In the scenario where Ireland defeats the USA and Pakistan wins their next match, both teams would tie at four points, leaving net run rate as the decisive factor.

However, critiquing Pakistan’s performance, Kaif highlighted execution flaws, citing instances of poor bowling, batting collapses, and missed opportunities in crucial moments. He pointed out missed chances against India, where established batters failed to capitalise, attributing Pakistan’s struggles to an inability to handle pressure situations effectively.

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