State Dept issues global ‘caution’ alert for US travellers

The war between Hamas in Gaza and US ally Israel has sent tensions surging in the Middle East.

The State Department on Thursday issued a rare “worldwide caution” advisory for US citizens everywhere, citing terrorism and potential for anti-American demonstrations.

The alert said US citizens should be aware of “increased tensions in various locations around the world.”

This includes “potential for terrorist attacks, demonstrations or violent actions against US citizens and interests.”

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The war between Hamas in Gaza and US ally Israel has sent tensions surging in the Middle East.

The State Department urged Americans to “stay alert in locations frequented by tourists” and to enroll in a program known as STEP, which allows citizens to be located more quickly in case of emergency.

US veto on Israel-Hamas war at UN to have ‘monstruous consequences’ – Russia

This amid Russia’s criticism of the US veto on a UN Security Council resolution calling for a “humanitarian pause” in the Israel-Hamas war will have “monstruous consequences”.

Twelve out of 15 Council members voted in favour of the resolution put forward by Brazil, which also condemned the “heinous terrorist attacks by Hamas”.

The United States was the only vote against, but as one of the body’s five permanent members it counted as a veto.

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“In the context of a standoff that is deepening and risks spilling over the borders of the Middle East region and taking on a confessional dimension, the consequences of such a step are monstruous,” Russia’s foreign ministry said in a statement.

Moscow said it was “disappointing” that a resolution that could have contributed to “stopping the escalation of tensions and reducing violence against civilians” was not adopted.

The US veto “clearly demonstrates Washington’s true aspiration for the region”, the statement said.

“Every day of delay means not only a rapid increase in the number of dead and wounded, but also the continuation of the suffering of civilians who have become prisoners of the blockaded enclave” of Gaza, it added.

The foreign ministry accused Washington of opposing “all humanitarian initiatives from the beginning” and said the Israel-Hamas conflict reflected “the failure of American policy” in the region, which “sparked the catastrophic current escalation”.

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“The right to self-defence does not mean having a licence for mass and indiscriminate reprisals,” the ministry added, in a criticism aimed at Israel.

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