Stars Expected to Shine for ‘See Her Again’

The stars of upcoming Chinese-language TV drama “See Her Again” are set to take to the red carpet on Monday, the first day of the Shanghai Television Festival.

Telling the story of a police officer who traces a serial murder case across 25 years in Hong Kong, using clues from 1993 and technology from 2018, the show stars William Chan Wai-ting and Cya Liu (aka Liu Xin). Unconfirmed reports say that the show also involves Golden Horse best actor Tse Kwan-ho (“The Mad Phoenix”) and a guest appearance by actor and director Stephen Fung.

Production of the 18-episode show is by Drama Apple and Tencent Video, with Drama Apple also handling distribution. The companies are expected Monday to announce an upload date and the possibility of a simultaneous overseas release via a global streaming platform.

“See Her Again” was shown as a work-in progress at the MipDrama festival-cum-market in France in April, where it was described as the first Asian drama to compete for the Coup de Coeur award.

Chan was born and raised in Hong Kong and started as a singer and dancer, before appearing as an actor in 2009 hit Hong Kong thriller film “Overheard.” However, more than a decade ago, he shifted his career focus to mainland China and broke through in fantasy action drama series “Sword of Legends.”

Liu, previously a member of girl group OP, achieved acting success with her role in 2013 film “So Young.” She followed that the following year with a part in Zhang Yibai’s “Fleet of Time.” More recently she appeared in Soi Cheang’s 2021 film “Limbo” and Herman Yau’s now-on-release “Customs Frontline.”

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