Sizwe Dhlomo unmasks truth behind Trevor Noah’s absence on Mac G podcast

The podcaster spent some time in New York, where he was the impromptu MC at Black Coffee Foundation gala dinner.

On his first show after being in New York, Mac G dialled Sizwe Dhlomo on air to find out why comedian Trevor Noah won’t accept an invite to Podcast and Chill.

“Does Trevor Noah want to come on the podcast and chill, yes or no?” Mac G directed the question at Trevor’s bestie, Sizwe.

“Yea, he’s got no problem. I’ve spoken to him about you guys numerous times from last year already and, obviously, he knows Mac, he’s good with Mac. This time around, the reason he couldn’t come through is because he had shows back to back and he was trying to save his voice,” averred Sizwe.

Trevor Noah’s name came up on the 499th episode of the podcast after Mac G revealed that he and US broadcaster Charlamagne tha God were about to have a business meeting soon, insinuating global growth for Podcast and Chill.

Speaking about the podcast’s growth, Mac G and his co-hosts Sol Phenduka and Ghost Lady began talking about celebs who had turned down or ignored their request for an interview and Mac’s co-hosts felt Trevor was also on the list of celebs who blue ticked them [ignored them], especially because he was in the country recently.

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While in the country last month for his comedy show, Trevor appeared on some radio shows, including Anele’s breakfast show on 947 and Clement Manyathela’s mid-morning show on 702.

But Sizwe said the only reason Trevor appeared on Manyathela’s show was because he was already in the building for the interview on 947, which is in the same building as 702.

“Even Fresh called me, wanting me to organise something and he would’ve gone because he’s got respect for him, but the voice,” said Sizwe.

Trevor’s operation

“About eight years ago he had a nodule and he had to get an operation. That operation was very delicate; there was a possibility that he wasn’t going to get his voice fully back. That’s the same thing that Adele had, So when the voice is the instrument that makes you money, you don’t take that lightly.”

“Even this morning I was speaking to him and he was trying to save his voice. Being on the road and doing an hour thirty minutes every night, it takes its strain.”

Mac G in New York

“He wants to work with us; I’ve got a meeting with him on Monday,” said Mac G about having a sit-down with Charlamagne tha God. The US broadcaster and podcaster is an admirer of Mac G and the work he has done through the podcast, which is Africa’s biggest.

“[He’s a] chilled guy man. He’s got no idea how big he is in SA; I was telling him everybody knows you in SA. I was just there to see him because there’s some stuff he wants to do with us, I have a zoom meeting on Monday and we’ll see what comes out of it.”

Attire for Black Coffee gig

Real name Macgyver Mukwevho, Mac G said Black Coffee’s sister asked him to MC the gala dinner hosted by the producer’s foundation. The impromptu request had him looking for formal apparel as this was a black tie event.

 “I didn’t have any formal attire, so literally right next to the venue there’s a street market where I bought myself a shirt”

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