Sipur and Heroes Formats Unite on ‘SUPERmarketCHEF’

Sipur and Heroes Formats, a division of production company United Heroes Group, have joined forces on a new cooking competition series “SUPERmarketCHEF.”

Teased as a “fast-paced” show, it will “celebrate delicious and simple meals prepared by the best home cooks from diverse cultures,” it was revealed.

Recruited at neighborhood supermarkets, unsuspecting shoppers will have to audition to become a national culinary star. The standout chef will be then whisked away from each location to compete on a supermarket soundstage, where they must craft “familiar, delectable dishes at affordable prices.”

Later, if they impress the viewers – as well as professional judges – they might go on to vie for the title of Supermarket Chef and a significant prize.

Presented at MipCom by Heroes, “SUPERmarketCHEF” will be the first series under a new unscripted co-development and co-production pact between Israeli and Ukrainian companies. 

“Out of these dire circumstances, we hope to bring some much-needed light to the world,” said Pavel Cherepin, co-founder of Heroes Formats. 

In April, he also presented “Weekend Without Parents” at MIPFormats International Pitch. 

“It is so entertaining, addictive and fun, and hits on a universal theme that cuts across all cultures: our stomachs and shared desire for delicious, home-cooked, economical food served by the best chefs in the world – everyday home cooks,” he noted.

Sipur’s head of unscripted formats, Zipi Rozenblum, added: “This partnership stems from our mutual love of this project, respect for each other and our complementary creative abilities, as well as our successful track records in this space.”

Tel Aviv-based studio is also behind “Hungry for Love,” a social experiment dating series which “connects two greatest human desires, a physical hunger for food and an emotional hunger for love.”

The new agreement between “two war-torn nations” will focus on the joint creation of a lineup of high-potential shows for the worldwide market from development teams “well-versed in reality and light, live-action unscripted productions.”

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