‘I found him very suspicious’ – whistle-blower on exposing fake doctor Matthew Lani

When Gomolemo Bonolo Seleke decided to expose him for his lies, Lani got a restraining order against her.

It was a patient tracer for the North West Department of Health that first found the actions of disgraced TikTok influencer, Matthew Lani, highly suspicious and potentially reckless.

Gomolemo Bonolo Seleke told the media that she was on duty at the Utlwanang Clinic when Lani had come in with a child he claimed was his nephew. She said he came in wearing regular clothes, but when the nurses left, he quickly changed into scrubs.

After that, Seleke said, Lani started snapping pictures on his smartphone. She said she found this behaviour very suspicious and started to question it.

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Night shift

Prior to this, she saw Facebook posts where Lani claimed to have been appointed as a doctor at the Christiana Hospital.

She told News24 that she confronted him about this on Facebook and he told her that he worked the night shift.

She also told the publication that when she decided to expose him for his lies, Lani got a restraining order against her, which resulted in her resignation from the hospital. Seleke said she was then criticised by the community who called her jealous.

Last month, the Gauteng Health Department verified that security personnel apprehended Lani at Helen Joseph Hospital when he tried to gain access. According to the department, Lani was apprehended shortly before 8pm while donning a hoodie and a surgical mask, and he had a stethoscope around his neck.

Bathroom window

While being apprehended, it was reported that Lani requested permission to use the restroom and subsequently attempted to flee through the bathroom window. Additionally, Wits University and the HPCSA stated that they had no record of Matthew Lani.

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According to the Department of Health, their security personnel, upon discovering Lani’s escape attempt, summoned additional support. The department said Lani was ultimately recaptured and removed from the scene. He was then charged with impersonating a medical professional.

But the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) later dropped the charges against Lani. According to his lawyer, the state has no prima facie case against him.

Additional reporting by Faizel Patel.

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