Here’s how to beat Black Friday Blues

Make informed choices, compare prices and be aware of potential scams.

The MEC of Limpopo’s department of economic development, environment and tourism, Rodgers Monama, has warned people to beware of scammers who approach them with unbelievable deals to part them with their hard-earned money on Black Friday this week.

“We would like to notify consumers that the Black Friday shopping concept has the potential to attract consumers by presenting massive discounts and deals that often lead to impulsive buying decisions by consumers,” Monama said.

He advised people to make informed choices, fully understand the details of agreements, compare prices and beware of potential scams or fraudulent acts.

“It is during this shopping concept that we see a rise in the number of online shoppers. This is an opportune time for cybercriminals to carry out scams and identity theft,” he said.

 Monama said consumers should watch out for phishing attempts, secure their personal information, and shop from reputable and secure websites.

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Black Friday awareness

“Keep in mind that the Black Friday and Cyber Monday concepts are designed to financially benefit local and online retailers. Consumers tend to spend more with the less they have.

“Some are deep in debt with no plans to relieve this burden, yet they will borrow funds to finance Black Friday,” he said.

Bricks Shilowa, a resident of Phalaborwa, said he had spent all his savings on Black Friday last year, and that some items were no longer useful to him.

“I spent hugely on things that were not important. You must not spend to impress and outclass friends and neighbours, but to uplift your life and improve your livelihood.”

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