Harmony Korine Wears ‘Aggro Dr1ft’-Inspired Mask to Venice

Harmony Korine arrived to the Venice Film Festival press conference for his latest film, “Aggro Dr1ft,” wearing a devilish mask inspired by the movie with a cigar in hand.

Korine was joined by “Aggro Dr1ft” visual effects artist Joao Rosa and Eric Kohn, the newly announced head of film strategy and development at his company EDGLRD. All three sported horned masks with bee-like eyes — Korine’s was yellow while Rosa wore a white mask and Kohn donned a black one. Throughout the conference, Korine mimed taking puffs of his cigar.

“We’re wearing the masks because they’re comfortable,” Korine joked. “It’s giving me a scalp massage.”

In addition to discussing “Aggro Dr1ft” — an experimental action film shot entirely with infrared photography and starring Jordi Molla and rapper Travis Scott as deadly assassins — Korine also elaborated on his goals for EDGLRD, which focuses not only on film but also tech and design.

“We’re trying to create a tech now, we’re getting very close, it’s called a Dream Box,” Korine teased. “We’re developing something that gives you the ability to just think and then have it come out in images with no prompts. Just thought to image. So basically a dream description, a dream illustrator. We have a proof of concept, we’ve been working on this for a while and it’s really close. Pretty amazing.”

On working with Scott, who plays a sort of apprentice to Molla’s character, Korine said: “His music and his energy and what he creates, he’s also kind of creating a world and it’s heavily vibe-based. It really kind of matched the feeling and the idea of the character.”

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