Democrats to attack Trump’s record with Black voters near his Philadelphia rally

The Democratic National Committee plans to target former President Donald Trump with billboards and posters in Philadelphia this weekend, including around and potentially inside the arena where he is set to rally supporters. 

Kiosks across the Temple University campus in north Philadelphia will boost President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, highlighting positive messages about their efforts to forgive federal student debt.

The posters promote a “historic increase in higher education funding including Pell Grants for current students” and claim Biden “fixed public service loan forgiveness, including for teacher, nurses and firefighters.”

The kiosks will be in buildings around the Temple campus and potentially inside the Liacouras Center, where Trump will be speaking.

Just off campus, the DNC plans to attack Trump’s record with Black voters, calling him “a disaster for Black Americans.”

A billboard near the campus will read, “If Trump wins, Black families lose,” claiming he plans to “sabotage Obamacare, [pass] tax breaks for the rich, and slash Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.”

The billboard also claims Trump “was a disaster for Black Americans” and “left [office] with nearly 10% Black unemployment, sabotaged Obamacare, passed tax breaks for the rich [and] put our communities last.”

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