Coast Guard rescues 4 people and a dog from a sinking boat in New Jersey

The Coast Guard rescued four people and a dog from a sinking boat in New Jersey on Sunday, according to a news release.

The 30-foot boat was sinking in Barnegat Bay, about 50 miles north of Atlantic City, when the Coast Guard response boat came upon it, according to the news release, which added that the sinking boat was being used recreationally.

The four people and the dog transferred to the recreational boat, and the sinking boat capsized moments later, the Coast Guard said, adding that the rescue vessel transported the four people and the dog to a marina in Lanoka Harbor, about 10 miles north. None of the people on the sinking boat sustained any injuries, the news release said.

The relationship between the four people on board the boat was unclear.

According to the commanding officer of Coast Guard Station Barnegat Light, Chief Warrant Officer James B. Corbisiero, the owner of the boat believed it was sinking due to a loose plug, but the Coast Guard was not able to confirm that theory.

A commercial salvage company towed the boat to the Lanoka Harbor marina where the Coast Guard took the four people and their dog, according to the news release.

Boaters should wear life jackets and, if a boat they are on capsizes, or turns over in the water, remain calm and stay with the boat to have the best chance of being rescued, according to BoatUS.org, a nonprofit organization focused on reducing boating accidents and fatalities.

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