ANCWL slams Duma’s for ‘blatant sexism’ after hoisting World Cup

Duma grabbed the Rugby World Cup in celebration along with Springboks player Eben Etzebeth during the Boks celebratory tour in KZN

The ANC Women’s League (ANCWL) KwaZulu-Natal MEC Siboniso Duma’s decision to grab and hoist the Rugby World Cup were an overt “betrayal of the principles of non-sexism and gender equality”.

Duma grabbed the trophy in celebration along with Springboks player, Eben Etzebeth, during the Boks celebratory tour in KZN side-lining Premier Nomusa Dube-Ncube who was supposed to do so.

Watch Siboniso Duma hoist the Rugby World Cup with Springbok player Eben Etzebeth

Duma slammed

In a statement on Monday, the ANCWL Secretary General Dina Pule slammed Duma for “blatant sexism”, and for undermining Dube-Ncube.

“The ANCWL is deeply concerned by the ongoing and regrettable actions of MEC Duma, which have repeatedly undermined the authority and leadership of the Premier of the province and Provincial Executive Committee member of the ANC Comrade Nomusa Dube-Ncube.

“These regrettable actions not only continue to undermine the authority of the Premier of the province but also betray the principles of non-sexism and gender equality that are fundamental to the ANC’s ideology,” Pule said.

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Gender equality

Pule added that gender equality is “not just an ideal, but a fundamental principle that the ANC identifies with”.

“The actions of Comrade Siboniso Duma demonstrate a regrettable departure from this essential value, perpetuating harmful gender stereotypes, which have no place within the ANC or in broader political discourse.

“Furthermore, this persistent behaviour disrupts the harmonious functioning of the provincial government, impeding the progress and development that the people of KZN rightfully deserve,” she said.

Centre of power

Pule said having two centres of power, was no justification for Duma’s actions and the governing party had, in the past, found itself in similar power splits, but acts of sexism and disrespect did not happen.

The ANCWL places great emphasis on the importance of unity and cohesion within both the party and the government, recognising and respecting the distinct roles and responsibilities of each.

“Looking back at historical instances within our organisation, both in KZN and in various other provinces, it is evident that there have been cases where the Provincial Chair of the ANC was not appointed Premier. In these instances, there was no precedent of undermining and disrespecting the Premier based on their not being the Provincial Chair of the ANC, nor on the basis of their gender.

“Even in scenarios where the Premier is a woman and the Provincial Chair is a man, there has never been a display of blatant sexism or actions undermining the leadership of the female Premier,” she said.

Premier in charge

Pule said Dube-Ncube is the duly appointed head of government.

“She is entrusted with the responsibility to lead the province towards progress, prosperity, and the fulfilment of the aspirations of its citizens, and should not be undermined in her course to do so,” Pule said.

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