Air France introduces new gourmet delights on flights to South Africa

Air France, a Franco-Dutch airline, has launched various new additions, including fresh gourmet offerings for passengers travelling to South Africa.

Each traveler on the plane desires entertainment throughout the entire flight. While some snacks and drinks are available for purchase, having a variety of food options is also vital.

Air France, a company formed under French law, headquartered at Charles de Gaulle Airport in Tremblay-en-France, near Paris, introduces fresh gourmet delicacies for flights to South Africa.

It has introduced new menus for its long-haul business cabins, including the Paris to Johannesburg and Cape Town routes.

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Chef collaboration and seasonal ingredients

The airline has announced renowned French chef Anne-Sophie Pic and pastry chef Philippe Urraca will be creating special dishes for Air France’s business class customers for the next three months.

To make these menus, the chefs team up with Servair, a top in-flight catering company, using fresh local ingredients that change with the seasons.

They make sure that the meat, poultry, dairy, and eggs are from France, and the fish comes from sustainable sources when leaving Paris. Plus, they always provide vegetarian options in all travel cabins on every flight.

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Picture: Supplied
Picture: Supplied

Gourmet offerings in Air France Business Class

In Air France’s extended Business Class, the renowned chef Anne-Sophie Pic, is preparing fresh and exciting dishes for passengers.

For this season, eight menus have been created for in-flight enjoyment.

These menus feature dishes such as chicken supreme with sake, blending Japanese ingredients with local French produce, and roasted parsnip with dill butter and curry alongside walnuts, showcasing this once-forgotten vegetable that is gaining popularity again.

“For Air France customers, I’ve created some unique dishes highlighting French produce.

“I’ve worked on them by playing on the combination of original flavours and the strength of the tastes,” said Anne-Sophie Pic.

Renowned Chefs Anne-Sophie Pic and Philippe Urraca. Picture: Supplied
Renowned Chefs Anne-Sophie Pic and Philippe Urraca. Picture: Supplied

Enhanced dessert experience and pre-selection service

Among the many things Air France has introduced, it is also introducing a leading pastry chef for the first time to oversee the signature desserts served in the Business cabin.

Urraca, a distinguished award-winning chef, has prepared an Opera, a Black Forest, and a Yuzu Entremets to complement this elevated culinary journey.

In an effort to reduce food waste, Air France allows its Business Class passengers to pre-select their hot dish up to 24 hours before their flight.

This service ensures that the customer’s preferred option is available while promoting more equitable consumption on board.

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