Petition filed against cricket team’s poor performance in T20 World Cup

A lawyer in Gujranwala has filed a petition in court, seeking legal action against the poor performance of the national cricket team.

The petition, filed in the court of the district and sessions judge under sections 22A and 22B of the Pakistan Penal Code, names all players, including captain Babar Azam, team management, and the coach, as parties.

The petitioner expressed deep concern over the disappointing performance of the national cricket team, calling it a waste of money and a betrayal of the nation’s trust. The petition accuses the team of putting at stake millions of rupees and the integrity of the nation, alleging that the players and team management prioritized financial gain over the country’s honour.

Furthermore, the petition highlights the severe hurt caused to the sentiments of the people during matches against America and India, citing these performances as particularly egregious. It calls for a ban on the team until a thorough inquiry is conducted by the interior secretary and a comprehensive report is completed.

The petitioner also criticizes the interference of political figures in the team’s affairs, suggesting that whenever political appointments are made as coaches and chairmen, it leads to the team’s downfall.

In response to the petition, the court has directed the police to reply by June 21.

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